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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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flooding. >> also, fear to fear lending. how to borrow money from regular folks instead of the banks. this is 9news now. come tomorrow morning, you may wish you had a boat instead of a car to get to work. major downpours heading our way, and flooding is expected. >> chief meteorologist tom will be here with more. but first, new developments around the deadly bus crash that paralyzed just about everyone. we've got team coverage, from the accident scene to the hospital, where the emergency crews took some of those victims. let's get started with gary newinburg. gary. >> reporter: we're just over the split of 270. drivers know if you want to go on 270, you have to get in the left lanes. the accident took place in the left-hand lanes on the northbound side of i270 just before the lanes merged with the
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northbound lanes from the outer loop. 12 persons were on the wolf line bus when it dropped 45 feet from the i270 northbound fly over lane at 4:00. it crashed through trees and brush and landed upright on a jersey wall barrier next to the northbound lanes fed by the inner loop of the elt way. you can see over the fly-over ramp where it crashed to the guard rail clipping the edge of the bridge abutment. >> the investigators do not believe this vehicle was air-born so it was not a 45-foot drop in the air. they believe the vehicle was in contact with the ground. >> reporter: authorities declared a mass casualty incident and brought more than 70 rescuers to the scene, some using the so-called jaws of life to cut four passengers from the bus. not easy. >> we had to stabilize the bus prior to beginning the
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exterication. >> reporter: a triage area was set up on the road, victims young and old. the 66-year-old bus driver, joseph claybah jr., of hanover, pennsylvania, died. 11 passengers were hospitalized. they were just returning from a trip from the national mall and the national zoo. >> we're still working on identification from the persons on board. i don't have any names to give you or anything like that. >> reporter: two cars collided when the bus dropped to the road. one person in that accident was hospitalized. drivers were not allowed on 270 north from the inner loop. those entering from the outer loop crawled. >> going on two hours, i'm still stuck. >> this is extremely bad. >> from silver springs to where we are now, it's about 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: it was taken to the montgomery county police impound lot for police investigation. >> we will not have the cause of the crash for days, and possibly weeks judge most of the injured were taken to suburban hospital
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in bethesda. that's where brittany morehouse picks up the story. >> reporter: i'm here speaking with several relatives. we've learned they were on a field trip from carlisle, pennsylvania to the zoo and back. they were on their way back, and it was a crash that played out before many drivers. one good samaritan we spoke with has his story of a rescue. before the sirens, before the bandages, there was only one bus tipped over and nearby cars coming to a halt, with drivers rushing out to help. >> they went so fast. >> reporter: for jorje gerda, it was the sight of young faces in the windows that pushed him to the forefront. >> the first thought was it might be a child of my own. i pushed up to the window, it wasn't very high and the other guys inside handed the children to me. >> reporter: he says he was on
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his way back to work at metropolitan moving and storage. his coworker was riding along. >> my friend saw them close to the bridge, like 30, 40 feet away from the bus. and he dropped -- we went inside the bus and i saw the driver. he was laying on the floor. >> reporter: sadly, that driver did not survive. everyone else is expected to survive, including the four children and four adults who were rushed to suburban hospitals. >> the thing that stands out about this accident, the fall seems pretty significant, the mechanism, the physics behind it. i'm surprised there weren't more severe injuries. >> reporter: of those eight people at the suburban hospital, two of them are in serious condition but we learn now they're in fair condition, expected to survive. family members who knew those people on board say this was an optional field trip so they were pretty lucky there weren't more
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children on board. reporting live, brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> we also know more about the company involved in the accident. wolf bus lines out of york springs, pennsylvania. the company runs a lot of charter trips to new york city, dc, atlantic city and other locations. back in 2008, a charter crashed along route 15 near gettiesburg, pennsylvania. a group of students was on that bus headed to washington. three kids and a principal was hurt and hospitalized in that wreck. >> anitta, we should know you were reporting on the scene live, reporting thoughts and actions. >> we were at montgomery county high school for another event. even at that, it took our news crew a long time to make it through the traffic grid lock like everybody was experiencing. what we're seeing there was the state police chopper that was giving investigators a bird's eye view of the bus wreckage before it was hauled away. you can see the windows that were cut out to get inside to get the people out.
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dozens of fire and rescue teams were there and of course the ntsb was coming in because it was a commercial vehicle involved. derrick, we just heard it was good news that bus never went air born and traveled but when you're up close, you can only imagine how frightening it had to be for the kids on board and parents involved. >> lucky only one fatality. tonight's other big story, the potential for morning flooding and, unfortunately, this one in time for your next heavy commute. >> moving in in hours. let's go to piper for more. >> a flash flood watch is in effect for the entire metro area. it's not changed. we'll start with titan . look at the heavy rains through eastern north carolina and southeastern virginia. that's what's headed for the morning commute. we'll tighten up to close in view around the immediate metro area on the computer and we'll see moderate rain moving in from the metro area from the south.
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this is like a tropical conveyor belt, really. we'd like you to help sending them to the website, post on facebook or tweet, and go to twitter and please tag your tweets with dc flood and we'll put them on the air as soon as possible. overnight, rain and thunderstorms go into effect. lows of 60 and 65. i'll come back with breakdown of weather and rain fall amounts for your area. . >> down in alexander ria, crews are clearing drains hoping to clear the potential of high water. they've seen this sort of thing before. earlier tonight, trailer trucks loaded with sand bags made deposits at king and lee streets. meantime over in annapolis, the city is keeping a big eye on a aging dam. that 90-year-old dam's foundation is eroding and there are gaping cracks in the wall.
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regulators have deemed it unsafe but they say it's going to be strong enough to hold up against tomorrow's downpour or at least we hope it is. it's one of the worst nursing home charges in dc history. two have already been convicted. mary kay evans say she complained constantly about the care her husband jack received the last seven years of his last at potomac nursing center in arlington. he never had his dentures removed and cleaned and wasn't bathed well. he was partially paralyzed and couldn't move and barely breathing. she would find him virtually untouched. >> nobody could feed him. he couldn't feed himself. it was just dropped off there. sometimes there would be roaches in the tray. >> reporter: surveillance video caught two employees abusing jack evans. one reportedly placed a pillow over his face while other threw popcorn at him. both have been fired.
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others charged with forgery and neglect have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of their trials. police believe a fire was no accident. one man died trying to escape the fire while dozens of families are homeless. the 8th story of the apartment building early this morning, two men tried to jump to safety using a telephone cord and a tree just outside the building but 38-year-old pab lo perez mexia missed the tree. he ended up falling to the ground and later died. those who made it out okay say the fire alarms never went off and only knew to escape after hearing their neighbors scream snoog i came out, ran around and i see the little kids, you know, their little heads coming out the windows. >> this fire started on the 5th floor, we are told. firefighters say it will be awhile before people living on that floor will get to return. as for everybody else, crews are working to get their utilities back on so they can go home.
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again, the fire is considered suspicious. tonight, police have arrested a man in connection with the shootings on u street. officers arrested 21-year-old brandon miller last night. now he's facing charges of first degree murder. at today's arraignment, he was held without bond. records reveal miller was the owner of the car scene in the neighborhood near the shooting and several guns were recovered from his home. 21-year-old jamalcoates died in that shooting. a rash of car breakins in fairfax county have police looking for a serial burglar. more than 80 incidents have been reported and they've hit restin, fair oaks, mcclain, and people were sleeping and they were after the cash. it happened recently this morning in the oakton area. >> it's scary, which means they're desperate or just very brazen, and they know what they're doing. they're getting in quietly and
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easily, and you know, without homeowners knowing. >> officers do not know how many people are involved with this, but if you've got any information, call the police. tonight, a consumer alert. need money? who doesn't? but where can you go when the banks say no. >> we'll show you peer to peer lending. borrowing cash from regular folks, coming up. i'm meteorologist tom bra shell. just in the last minute the rain is stepping up. here's the weather, 8:00 in the morning, temperatures in the 60s. we'll come back and talk about where the severe threat is the greatest and how much rain will fall. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ >> former president jimmy carter will be spending another night in a cleveland hospital after cancelling today's appearances at politics and pros, an eecht here in dc. the 85-year-old former president was rushed to the hospital yesterday. he had an upset stomach on a flight from atlanta to cleveland. the medical staff believes carter's intestinal distress is likely caused by a viral infection and doctors recommended mr. carter stay for a little more observation. rescue and recovery workers
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that got hit in the clean up and recovery after 9/11 attacks are one step closer to getting help for the medical bills. the volunteers exposed to the debris have needed medical testing and treatment in the last four years. a similar bill is pending in the us senate. tonight, to an important consumer alert to anybody needing money. it's harder than ever to get a loan these days, even with good credit. >> what if i told you, you could get the cash you need in less than a week from people you don't even know. leslie foster takes us inside a community that often says yes when banks say no. >> the time on the video monitor -- >> from a small space in rockville. >> please let me know if you get ahold of anybody. >> the staff of this nine-month old start-up is working to get depositions started up all over the world.
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but they barely had cameras or a court reporter. and needed help from a bank. he reached out to lending club, an online peer to peer lending service. >> someone in california gives $25, someone from alaska and florida gives another $50, and you're up to $75,000 before you know it. >> now there's a rebirth of this kind of transaction through what's called peer lending. >> it's not being paid to a nameless faceless bank. they know there's a real person on the other end. it's the same for the investors. >> lending club's john donovan says the approach is simple. lending worthy borrows get the money and they get good returns. >> they get to spread out their risk, putting their eggs in a few baskets. you get your money from several different source and is by
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getting money in small amounts, investigators have small risk. >> reporter: don burke joined the club 18 months ago. for him, the stories make all the difference. >> we'd like to bond with others, and this allows us to do this without sort of a middleman. >> reporter: one of his first loans truly tugd at the heart. >> a fellow ended up in a wheelchair and needed to make his home wheelchair accessible. >> reporter: something don knows he'll likely have to do in a few years. he has muscular dystrophy. both givers and receivers called this approach to banking a game changer and joe dimanty hopes to complete the circle. >> maybe one day i'll be an investor. >> leslie says this election process is detailed and you've got to have very good credit with a score of at least 660. tomorrow morning at 6:12 a.m. has more on how the borrowers are screened and get on to see how they'll decide before they
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invest in you. all right. are you ready? >> are you prepared. >> you've been telling us a few days. >> got my oars ready. >> not exactly a surprise. tonight, overnight, we're looking at rain and thunderstorms, heavy after midnight and starting to pick up in intensity just a little bit. low temperatures don't do much, between 60 and 65. winds will pick up east southeasterly and will really pick up in the morning. let me show you this, you can access it anytime on the web at and you can download the iphone radar track where you can track it from anywhere. heavier rain showing up around i95 south and the southern counties. the northern fringe up to hagers town at this point. we'll zoom down to southern maryland. this patch is a moderate rain, and we'll see this really become much more prevalent and pronounced tomorrow morning, just in time for your morning commute. we'll go a little further to the
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north up to the belt way in dc, and we see some pretty heavy activity around forestville and andrews air force base and to 301 towards upper morl borrow. everything is pushing north. let's go back to the computer. let's talk about the critical times. flooding is likely tomorrow. 2 to 5 inches of rain. critical time is still 3 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the bull's eye -- this is not a typo and believe me, i make many of those. is west is east of town. and the metrocorridor will probably have less rain. i'll get back with that. leave with at least a half tank of gas in case you have to go another route. rain likely, 2 to 4 inches tomorrow, temperatures 60s and 70s and the winds increasing, and they'll be at 35 on the bay. by afternoon, rain and thunderstorms will be tapering off, another inch or two possible. high temperatures, 75 to 80. when the winds turn
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northwesterly, that means the worst of the storm is over and dry air will begin to move in and we can kind of catch our breath for awhile. look at the rain fall potential, and we'll put this into motion and you can see the numbers kind of adding up here. about 2.5 inches for dc, but look at annapolis, 9.9 inches. derrick and i were talking about this earlier. there's a new number, 9.9 inches, and if we break it down more simply for you, in the immediate metro area, 2 inches plus and the western shore into the dell marva, 3 to 7 inches, that could be low and to the west of leesburg and win chester 2 to 4 inches. something else to worry about is coastal flooding and here are the tides you have to pay attention to. in alexanderia, 12 in the morning. and we have flooding and also
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have coastal flooding. never cross a flooded street by car or foot. check your pump, flash light and batteries. upper 70s tomorrow, flooding likely. a decent night for high school football. mid-70s on friday. chilly, and low 60s sunday and monday, maybe a sprinkle late sunday. >> with this weather system moving in, we are getting up extra early tomorrow. 9news now will be on the air half an hour early, 4:00 a.m. on the latest on traffic and weather conditions as the rain moves in. >> thanks, topper. >> let's talk donovan mcnabb . >> i don't think the philly fans realize what they had until he left. we'll tell you the kind of reception he expects in philly. plus, guess who tested positive
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for steroids. if you follow cycling, it's hardly shocking, next in sports.
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>> it's time for 9 sports with brad haber, the best sports in town. for all we know, down deep in his heart, donovan mcnabb thinks the phillies are a bunch of appreciative jerks after giving up on him for 11 years. if he actually feels those things, he's too smart to say it to them. greg with what he did say to them. >> before donovan mcnabb took the field today, he did his best to down play his return to philadelphia. >> who doesn't have feelings getting ready for a game, i'm sure i'll have feelings. >> reporter: the media kept the pressure on mcnabb about his emotions for sunday's game. >> every player has a chip on their shoulder about something.
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is this something that i use? maybe just an added chip, i guess. the fans never appreciated his many accomplishments in his 11 years there. as for his return, he's expecting the best. >> hopefully cheers. >> reporter: but his teammates know better. >> they boo everybody up there. >> reporter: his teammates also know what this game means to donovan. >> you put yourself in his shoes, what do you want to do. >> there's a lot of pressure. you pretend there's not and it doesn't matter but i think it does. >> reporter: mcnabb's return to philadelphia is half the story line. right now, the success of michael vick is the talk of the nfl and it was mcnabb who urged vick to sign with the eagles last season. >> one thing i wanted to do was give a guy an opportunity -- give him a second chance. mcnabb knows being a red skin is
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his second chance but the first chance he got in philly won't be forgotten. >> i'm excited i got the opportunity to play with those guys, but life moves on and you want the same success in washington. >> reporter: greg greg tolen, 9 news now. >> deang low hall sat out with a sore back. if you went to a nationals game this year, chances are you saw them win. yes they're 2500 games under overall but they have gone respectable. four home runs, seven earned for detwiler, and the nates fans rose to their seat for the final home out for the reason which was willy harris going out. all right, try to act shocked when you hear this one.
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three-time tour de france cantier has tested positive for steroids. he claims it was food contamination, a claim he made with a straight face. finally tonight, remember at cowboys camp when rookie dez briant refused to carry the shoulder pads. he said he'd rather take out the whole team to dinner. well, last night was that dinner. the whole team showed up and they ordered the most expensive wine on the menu. the final bill, $55,000, not including the tip. the moral of the story is, carry the pads, young man. >> wow. >> he may rethink his choice next time. >> we'll be right back. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes.
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i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> that is 9 news for tonight. don't forget, we start 4:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning, tracking the storm and giving you the tracking conditions. "letterman" is next, good night everyone. stay safe.
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